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Remove the Viewpoint mode from all editors?

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There is a mode in all of the editors called "Viewpoint" that you select by clicking on int eye button at the top of the toolbar. I don't think it is very useful. I duplicates the functionality of Arc-Rotate. I was planning on removing it if there aren't any objections.

All feedback is appreciated.

terrifying takes me to where i can zoom in and out don't see how thats a duplicate of the rotation tool.
ah i see does if one has a three button mouse attached.
The idea will further reduce functionality for us laptop users
as there is now no middle mouse button emulation since you removed that :-\
but its your creation and you are in charge :)

Good point. I'll hold off on this until there's a way to zoom without using the MMB.

I have had a user on my facebook group asking why the rotate tool does not work in this "Eye Mode" if you hold off can you make it enabled? ( tbh I never use it & Drewi you should really get a three button Mouse instead of using a touchpad!)

I never use it.


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