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Remove the Viewpoint mode from all editors?

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--- Quote from: thecolclough on July 24, 2015, 08:37:38 pm ---i rarely used the viewport mode, and pretty much never use it now i've got my head around the full capabilities of the arc-rotate tool.

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Same here. 

 Removing it would make room for something else.........not sure what, but something cool.......
edit: ...possibly put the arc-rotate button there?........

I use the "eye" viewpoint button often when starting in Object mode. It's a relatively quick way to make the entire model visible, especially one that's too large or too small to see otherwise.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.  I'm not going to remove the viewpoint button anytime soon.  I don't have a laptop so I'm not aware of all the particulars of using one with Anim8or.  If I come up with an equivalent way to change the viewpoint I'll revisit this issue.

BTW I have a fix for the rotate bug for Front, Back, Top, etc. It'll be in the next build.

Rotate bug?

What rotate bug? It seems to work fine as is...


Well, if the only thing preventing the viewpoint button from being removed is the lack of a middle mouse button alternative for zooming, why not add an option to where it's done by holding both left and right mouse buttons?

Another option is to add three icons onto the viewport/workspace (top right corner, probably), where you click and drag on one and it pans the view, click and drag on another and it rotates the view, click and drag on the other and it scales the view. Personally I wouldn't use it, and it adds more noise to the workspace, but it's beginner friendly and an option for those with limited input capabilities.


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