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Remove the Viewpoint mode from all editors?

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captaindrewi, the issue is with using the rotate tool in viewpoint mode, which is supposed to do the same thing as the arc rotate's rotation function. Go in viewpoint mode, click on the Rotate View button (<r>) in the left-hand toolbar (not the arc rotate button in the top toolbar), and try rotating around.

ah i see..thanks for clearing up my foggyness :)


--- Quote from: Raxx on July 29, 2015, 07:21:45 pm ---Another option is to add three icons onto the viewport/workspace (top right corner, probably), where you click and drag on one and it pans the view, click and drag on another and it rotates the view, click and drag on the other and it scales the view.
--- End quote ---
sounds suspiciously like a variation on the theme of widgets 8)

--- Quote from: Raxx on July 29, 2015, 07:21:45 pm ---it adds more noise to the workspace
--- End quote ---
am tempted to say "what if they only appear when you activate Arc Rotate", but i'm sure somebody would come back and say that isn't newbie-friendly... which is probably true :(

Responding because of V1.0 Beta.

Please do not remove it. Or at least make it enable-able from some options mode.

Please also add optional middle mouse rotate to match the functionality of some other 3d editors. Middle mouse scroll already can zoom, please add rotate too.


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