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Remove the Viewpoint mode from all editors?

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As long as the "frame view" ability is left intact, i'm fine with this

I use the View Tool and Alt Button more or less 50/50.
The View Tool was there first and what I learned, the Alt Button is soo much more powerfull, however I just 'slip' back into old habbits.

Usefull functions of the View Tool, FrameAll and zoom without mmb.

Otherwise, yes, I can live without it. As I say, the Alt Button is way more powerfull.


When you're already used to using Alt to toggle Arc Rotate, tapping f or Shift+f to frame all/selected comes easily.

Except alt to toggle arc sucks (I want it bound to a different key, and yes I am still on that).

i rarely used the viewport mode, and pretty much never use it now i've got my head around the full capabilities of the arc-rotate tool.


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