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Trackball Rotation in the Sequence Editor

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Is it possible to hide those 3 (red,blue and green) rings that appear while rotating bones, so it would be possible to use fast selection without accidentally making unwanted movements of some bones?
Can some bones be locked on their positions in space (x,y,z)?- so if we move the whole skeleton few millimeters those bones and its attached parts of the body remain in their locked position in the world while the rest of the body stretches=morphs.

thanks in advance.

Slex: In Figure Mode Goto Edit/Toggle Trackball Visibility.You will need to toggle each bone, its not a global thing. :-*   I find Fast selection to be a Pain in the neck so I always have it disabled!

 For static Bones that I do not want to move I just disable the the relevant axis and lock them.

kreator: Thank you very much, hiding the trackball works great- I didn't know that option.
Locking the bones only locks the selected bone towards the parent bone, I was wondering is there any way to lock some bone towards the workspace?

I hope this is the right topic to post this question.
 Can anybody tell me how to link two bones together, so when I rotate one bone so does the other automatically? I need that for the eyes of the object.

Not really the place to ask. How-to questions belong in the General Anim8or Forum unless it's specific to a new feature in the development release.

However, to answer your question, there's no way to currently do so. Anim8or is too simplistic in its circular dependency restrictions, thus preventing one bone from copying the rotations of another bone in the same figure.

Manually keying the two eye bones is the easiest way, asides from the morph targets approach of creating the eye movement of both eyes as morph targets and animating them that way. A potentially harder way is to have the eyeballs as separate objects in the scene and set them to "face target" a target so that they automatically rotate and follow a target...but then you have to try and keep the eyeballs in the head while you're animating the body.

Maybe other users have found easier solutions.


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