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I may have come a long way in terms of the techniques I use to model, but for the about 8 years I have been coming up with design, my style has stayed essentially the same.

I had some help from you in the beginning of my anim8or experience a couple years back from one of your videos on making models point to point! Good job. ;D

I'm glad I could help! Next to making video games, educating people on techniques to make graphics, animations and games is something I take very sincerely.

Anim8or has always been a very important part of my life. While I have moved from using Game Maker to using Unity, I still use anim8or just as often as I always have.

FSS, I've said it before and I'll say it again: you and your team's style and work ethic is astonishing. I actually would hope to see some short animations from you guys in the future... Have you guys ever considered a spin-off short film to accompany a coming project or something like that?

Happy New Year :)

Thanks, that actually means a lot to us.

I honestly would like animation to be more of a core part of FSS's content, as I understand it has a much lower entry level than video games for the viewer experience. Having a few skits to better inform people about fun quirks about the characters and worlds in our games sounds fun, however, it's not a move I think we could do pragmatically unless we could be sure that working on such a thing does not make it more difficult to pump out quality in the actual video games.

I am going to be working on an animation of my own on the side, if only as a way to put my foot into the practice of making animation for animation's sake rather than to be put into video games, as the mediums do have very different angles: both literally and figuratively.

Happy New Year too you as well Davdud!


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