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#098-074 - Merge Point collapses points that are further apart than the limit

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Trevor: Can you post an example mesh?  I can't seem to reproduce this problem.

--- Quote from: Trevor on January 11, 2016, 02:29:21 pm ---I think I have found a bug with Merge Point.

I selected all verticies and then merged with 0.002, yet it tried to merge verticies that were 7.00 distance... it seems very odd.

Further, if I selected small groups of verticies to merge (eg, the join between 2 capless cylinders joined together into 1 mesh) then it would work ok, but select all still merged verticies from all over and swapped the normals on some faces...

Not entirly sure whats going on there.

It worked fine in the previous version.


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--- Quote from: Steve on January 18, 2016, 02:11:46 am ---Trevor: Can you post an example mesh?  I can't seem to reproduce this problem.

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I've recently had the same problem, so I've attached the mesh I had problems with, while trying to merge all the points using 0.002

I even doubled it's size a couple of times and it still did it!

It's an old model now, but at least you can see what happens. :-)

Yeah sure,
It seems like some sort of buffer overrun as its based on the number of points selected.

If I keep the number low (havn't tested fully but Ive been keeping below 16 verticies) then it works fine and I like the new Average position as oposed to either/Or position after merge.

If I select a large number of verticies say > 32 then it starts to drag other verticies into the selection causing faces to either disapear or invert.

It happens on both 98 and 10.

I dont know that sending a model would help, so ill show a picture.

What the... now its not happening...

Well, the minut it does again ill post a pic


ok, just tested the above mesh and it happened again

Merge points at 0.001 causes error circled in red

Thanks, I can reproduce it now.

#098-074 - Merge Point collapses points that are much further away than the limit.

I found the problem.  It can occur when multiple groups of points are merged. It was introduced in cl 1210 when I averages the locations of the merged points. It's fixed for the next build.


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