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Build 1213 of Anim8or now supports Normal Maps.

Attached is a sample project.

thanks for this new version Steve! :)


Had a try or two with normal map but anim8or crashes.
update...that was with a subdivided sphere with spherical uv mapping.
it worked ok with a basic mesh,i then subdivided the sphere afterwards and anim8or didn't crash.
update 2 seems ok now...but it did crash the first two times...will play some more.
update 3 perplexing :o just crashed again using a simple rectangular object.
anyone else getting this?

Hey Steve, glad it's finally in there! Normal maps load fine for me. I do have a suggestion, and that is to allow more options to specify for the normal maps. It'd be nice if there could be a button next to the normal map load button, that points to a dialog like this:

The current issue is that Anim8or only supports Object Space normal maps. Tangent Space is best suited for models with repeated or changed UVs (such as most game models). If the object was, say, mirrored, the normals would look flipped in Object Space, such as in the video below (rendered in Anim8or). In fact, I'd say that Tangent Space should be the default mode in Anim8or (more reading here).

If Tangent Space was supported, it'd look correct (like in the image below)

Also, since not all models and normal maps will be created from the same source, their handedness might be different than Anim8or's default. Red might be flipped (X-) or actually represent Y+, not X+. I'm guessing Anim8or is X+, Y+, Z+. Some programs like 3ds Max is X+, Y-, Z+ or a different variation. Hence why the Swizzle option in the dialog box would be spectacular, since the user can adjust it based on their incoming files.

Couldn't get attachments to work, so click here to download the .an8 file used in the examples above.


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