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Normal Maps, work very well
but, only for test i create a new texture, a Bump Map texture
based in your normal map "EC_Stone_Wall_Normal.jpg"(see attachments)
but when i try render(raytrace mode and "antialias" ) the blocks with (normal map+another block with bump map)

"sometimes" the render stop, and not ends... is a bug?
(demo in attachments)


Something that seems to be a bug: Ambient intensity changes to the scene's global lighting setup doesn't affect normal map objects.

Also, Anim8or seems to crash *a lot* when in the scene editor at seemingly random times.

yes, PS: i try the render only in "object mode" not in scenes.

Raxx: I thought Anim8or is using tangent space maps.  They are transformed by the normal/bi-normal/tangent matrix before they are used.  Object space normal maps are used as-is.  I'll check my math and see if I'm doing something else wrong.

neirao and Raxx: I'll look into the crashes.  If you have an example that reproduces a crash fairly reliably please post it.

Here's another Anim8or project that uses a Z-brush normal map that I got here: Tanget space tutorial  Anim8or shows the proper bumping "in" and "out" that the map indicates.  What am I missing?

Play the scene to see things rotate.


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