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I just posted Build 1219 which has an option to move the Time Track from the main window into the Graph Edit window with the menu command Option->FloatTimeTrack. Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Note: There is a resize bar between the Graph Edit window and the Time Track.  I know it doesn't work yet :)  I found a last minute bug that was crashing Anim8or so I disabled it for now.

Works well and adds another refinement to usability. :)

Great feature

I plan to add a floating camera view as well, or I suppose any 3D view that you'd like.  This could be useful with multiple monitors.

This change was the first step, and was a lot of work rewriting the code handling sub-windows. There seems to be a bug in the Windows MoveWindow()/SetWindowPos() function when used with SetParent() to chage a child window's owner. Or I'm missed something important like another call that needs to be made in conjunction.  If anybody out there is an expert in MS Windows GUI coding I could use some help here.

That also would be nice... I like how you kept the time scroller on the main window separate from the time line, intentional or not that was smart.


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