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--- Quote from: Raxx on March 23, 2016, 03:19:38 pm ---With the new fast select and topo tools in place along with the new selection conversion when switching between p/e/f, I feel that selecting an edge should only select the edge and not its points. Afterall, if you switch to point mode, it automatically selects the points of the edge anyway.

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Hear, hear!
I'd say that points should be drawn only if Vertex Select is enabled.


--- Quote from: Steve on March 23, 2016, 06:01:33 am ---Pixel Perfect is much, much easier to do, but it's almost impossible to select single pixel wide lines or points. You'd always be selecting a face because they cover most of the pixels. I don't think any modeling software uses it for that. Anim8or has never used it. In v0.98 you can only enable points OR edges OR faces. It uses a 4 to 8 wide window, depending on the tool, but you never have to click exactly on a point or edge. Enabling multiple P/E/F at the same time, as it does now, requires a smarter hit algorithm which I described above.

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Well that's why you allow the changing of the line/point thickness and sizes.


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