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Spiral shapes: cave, cone

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I modified Bob IT's cone plugin years ago into a spiral.  Then, because there wasn't enough parameters available I made a second plugin to modify the previous one. 
Yes, you can use multiple plugins to modify a single parametric shape. 
Build the spiral cone using 'Spiral_0' plugin then use 'Spiral_Ec.a8s' for changing eccentricity to the cone shape. 

Plugin S_Tunnel builds a 6 sided tunnel in spiral direction.  Modify height, width of tunnel; rate of climb, rate of radius increase or decrease, CCW/CW rotation, Tunnel twisting. 

i love the Spiral!!!

Sorry to those who downloaded the spiral_0 and Spiral_Ec files.  I had them in my Scripts directory and didn't verify that they may only be a partial work in progress.
I'm reworking the method used to pass parameters between two or more plugins.  The plugin will only return one mesh-shape and attempting to modify a separate second mesh won't work with one plugin.  The new method will be to reserve the first six points (index 0 thru 5) for parameter data.  Then start vertexes at index number 6.
   the main drawback is that you will see stray points in the wire-frame editor.  Also I will reformat the option for file output to be '%f $tab   description', so that other software can simply read the first value of each line for a predetermined structure.

I used to use the UV data of the last X amount of points in order to pass the parameters of other shapes. This is no longer needed now that there are set attribute functions.

Raxx - I've read through your post for Attributes.  The second plugin I started for the spiral cone-ribbon will need to use most of the existing parameters plus 5 others defined in the new plugin.  Eccentricity of X:Z ratio and inputs for 'POW(n, exp)' for height and lateral growth.   
   I haven't played with the attribute function to see if I can use both quaternion and point3 fields.  I presumed not because bringing up the attribute GUI only allows one type. 

   This is where I need to remind users that you've created tools for cleaning up extra points.
I've cleaned up the 'Spiral_0' plugin and will give it a new icon and name.  Next up is reworking the 2nd plugin to read the mesh points and 'parameter-points'. 


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