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Spiral shapes: cave, cone

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--- Quote from: B_twist on April 13, 2016, 09:11:45 pm ---Raxx - I've read through your post for Attributes.  The second plugin I started for the spiral cone-ribbon will need to use most of the existing parameters plus 5 others defined in the new plugin.  Eccentricity of X:Z ratio and inputs for 'POW(n, exp)' for height and lateral growth.   
   I haven't played with the attribute function to see if I can use both quaternion and point3 fields.  I presumed not because bringing up the attribute GUI only allows one type. 

   This is where I need to remind users that you've created tools for cleaning up extra points.
I've cleaned up the 'Spiral_0' plugin and will give it a new icon and name.  Next up is reworking the 2nd plugin to read the mesh points and 'parameter-points'. 

--- End quote ---

Any news on this? :)


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