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Deleting Scene bug

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Deleting a scene is causing anim8or to crash. (anyone else?)
 On windows 7 32bit. Not happening on windows XP
Builds 1215 and below are fine. Problem starts at 1219 and above.
 I've tested on several builds  and different scenes.(even empty scenes)
 Looks like it only happens if there's more than 1 scene in the file.  ;)

My easiest test is:
 New file -> Scene mode. Scene -> new. (Scene2)
Scene -> delete. ......"Anim8or has stopped working"

win7 64bit- no issue of that kind.
I've noticed that new Anim8or build remembers undo/redo steps of all scenes within the project, so you could try to save the file, reopen it(it will forget undo/redo steps) and try to delete the scene again  :-\

Thanks for the thought slex
 Didn't fix the issue, but found something else that could be a bit odd.
 I tried your suggestion, saving, closing and reopening, first with 1 object, (sphere) in scenes 1 and 2.
 Saved it, re-opened it, tried to delete scene 2, and she crashed. (The bug i'm reporting)
 The odd thing, which may be normal/expected (?), was, i made 2 scenes with nothing in them.
 While i was in scene 2, i saved the file, closed it, and when i reopened it, scene01 has disappeared.  ???
 Anyway, i tried renaming the scenes to see if maybe that would fix the problem, but no, still crashing as per first post.

I have no such issues with Win10 64-bit

there are few more thing you could try jonhar:
see if there is some update for your graphics driver (if you have nvidia then there probably is new version on official site)

delete all unzipped versions of Anim8or, then install and run Ccleaner- clean the registry(untick everything you don't want to mess before start), restart computer, unzip last version of anim8or, see if it helps :)
 If you don't want to tamper registry you could try faster way: make new user on your computer, log in that account, start anim8or and see if problem persists.


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