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Current Development Release - Build 1269, February 14, 2017

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Current Development Release - Build 1269, February 14, 2017

The current release is build 1269, February 14, 2017:

Major changes for build 1269 dated February 14, 2017:
Fix #098-098:GetAttributeQuaternion() always returns 0.
Fix #098-099:Anim8or freezes/crashes when using arc-rotate, etc. in the Scene editor starting with 1261.
Topo tool: Fix selection bug for subdivision control meshes in flat and smooth views when points and/or edges are disabled in the GUI for non-control meshes. Also affects other editing tools.
ASL: Fix print order of quaternions. Was printing (q.x, q.w, q.y, q.z)
IK: Tweek Jacobian Transpose solver.
IK: Show/enable IK controller widget on locked effectors when they are selected.
Misc: Fix various crashes and redraw issues.

Previous releases:

Major changes for build 1264 dated December 28, 2016:
IK: New IK solver using Jacobian Transpose with improved IK stability.
IK: Remove associated controllers with an IK chain is deleted in the Figure editor. Could cause crashes, etc.
IK: Key all joints when editing an effector's location in the key frame editor. Improves stability and performance.
Fix #098-097: Arrow keys sometimes don't alter frame in Scene editor.

Major changes for build 1263 dated December 13, 2016:
Mouse Wheel: Scrolling the mouse wheel in a graphics view changed to expand around the cursor instead of the center of the view. Use <Shft>+MouseWheel for the old behavior.
IK: Improve the stability of locked end effectors that don't move between keys. If two adjacent keys are within +/- 0.5 units any overshoot between keys is automatically eliminated. If the values are exact there should be no movement.
Move Tool + IK:  Move end effector locations as well when an element is moved in the scene editor if the animate key is off.
Rotate Bone Tool + IK: Relocate locked end effectors and add a key when a joint is rotated in the Scene editor.
Track Ball: Adjust size of trackball to correct for a figure's scale.

Major changes for build 1261 dated November 23, 2016:
Bone Folders: Bones are shown in folders in the Scene editor's track window when they are given folder name. This helps make track windows with many bones more manageable.
Undo errors: fixes several undo/redo errors related to IK changes.
Minor bugs: tracks weren't always selected properly in the graph editor when they are selected in the track window, and several similar problems.
Track window: improved track redraw when holding the arrow keys. The time slider still tends to not redraw, as does the graph window when the track window isn't floated.

Major changes for build 1258 dated October 25, 2016:
IK: locked effectors that don't move between keys are held in a fixed position. The IK solver is dynamically run on non-keyed frames.
IK: added "active" controller to IK track to record when an IK chain is active (locked).
IK: change IK solver to use Inverse Jacobian which is more stable that the previous hybrid solution.
Key All Bones: added short cut key <Ctrl-K> to key all bones in selected figures.
Key position and morph targets: also key position and morph values with 'k' hot key for selected figures (in addition to selected bones).
Track Ball: display only one trackball at a time, the most recently clicked. Showing them all can be too cluttered.
Bone Folders: Add "folder" property to bones. Those in the same folder are grouped together in the time track and graph edit windows.
Fix #098-092: End effectors don't show after adding a Figure to a Scene.
Fix #098-093: Drag-select doesn't select all Shapes in wireframe mode.
Fix #098-094: Moving figure with locked end effectors off screen incorrectly moves figure.
Fix #098-095: Importing a sequence crashes.

Major changes for build 1253 dated September 30, 2016:
IK: Support for multiple locked end effector.

Major changes for build 1250 dated September 21, 2016:
Key Selected Morph Targets: in addition to bones with 'k' hot key.
Select Joints in IK chains: when clicking on an IK controller.
IK for Unrestricted Joints: IK doesn't work correctly with unrestricted joints. Set joints to not move with IK if unrestricted.
File-open dialogs: Fixed to always use full dialog with Options drop-down, etc.
Fix #098-089: Exporting Objects as .an8 files doesn't export all textures.
Fix #098-090: (Likely fixed) Hang when advancing frames with the arrow keys and doing IK manipulations in Scene mode.
Fix #098-091: Crash when deleting a scene and the graph editor window is open.
Fix undo/redo problems rotating bones in Scene mode: when there aren't any key frames and animation is disabled.

Major changes for build 1247 dated September 4, 2016:
General IK: In the Scene editor you can click-drag on any bone or a figure's attached object to animate the figure. See the newer comments in this post for details and questions on the new functionality.
Locked IK End Effector's Position You can lock an end effector's position in world-space so that when you animate the rest of the IK chain the figure moves accordingly.
Improved IK Visuals: IK widgets aren't shown unless selected, and are drawn on top of everything else for better visibility.
Bone Rotation: Click drag directly on tip of a bone now rotates to follow the mouse. Clicking on the body of the bone rotates around the bones X-, Z- or Y-axis with the LMB, MMB, RMB.
Fix #098-088: Direct click-drag on bones doesn't rotate correctly in complex cases.
Material Dialog: There is a new hex option for the numeric color values in material dialog.

Major changes for build 1244 dated August 27, 2016:
IK: Add IK to Scene editor. Note: there isn't yet a way to lock an end effector's location or orientation but I'm working on it.
Dialogs: Remember the relative locations to the active screen when you can drag them away from the default center location.
Shell Command: Improve extrusion to retain consistent thickness in more cases.

Major changes for build 1240 dated August 12, 2016:
IK: Improved picking of IK controls:
  1) Previous releases sometimes select controls behind the visible ones.
  2) IK controls were accidentally disabled in the previous release when bones aren't being drawn.
Pixel/Inch Image Metric: You can now set the pixel resolution when saving to a .BMP, .PNG or .JPG file. Value is retained in the registry.
Extrude Connected Faces: Faces are now extruded parallel to the original faces in most cases. This is physically impossible without the introduction of additional faces to cap points with complex geometry.

Major changes for build 1235 dated August 7, 2016:
IK: Update IK tool in Figure and Sequence Editor. See this post for details.

Major changes for build 1234 dated July 23, 2016:
Knife Cut Tool: Fix bug in knife tool when axis is restricted.
Disable U hot key for UV mode: because it conflicted (and blocked) Edit->Subdivide hot key.
IK: Enable preliminary IK tool in Sequence Editor. See this post for details.

Major changes for build 1233 dated May 4, 2016:
Knife Cut Tool: Obey X, Y, Z axis restrictions.
Joint Angles: Always show all joint angles in the track window in the Scene editor instead of just those with controllers.
Float Track Window: Add support for floating track window to Sequence editor.
Bone Colors: Fix bug in colors for painted bone weights. This should help painting bones weights considerably. In the future I'll add support for user-specified colors.
P/E/F Highlighting: fig bug that highlighted P/E/Fs even though they were disabled.

Major changes for build 1231 dated dated April 13, 2016:
Left-hand Scrollbar: Restore RMB scrolling.
Subdivision Control Cage: Fix bug where faces couldn't be selected by various tools.
Point Select Tolerance: Fix bug where Add Edge, Knife tool, etc. tolerance for point select could be too low to select any points.
Spline Control Points: Fix bug where one control point couldn't be selected.

I'm having the same problem slicing straight down from a point, with this version (1233) Even with only the Y axis enabled, the cut starts from wherever I click near the point, and not from the actual point.

The only way I can see to fix this would be if we could turn off this picking distance thing, so we have to actually click on a point for things like this.

Sluggs: If you click with only the point highlighted the cut will start at the point. Or you can disable edges to make it easier to do. With point pick tolerance set to 0 you will not always be able to hit the point.

The point was hilighted (I don't expect to be able to cut from a point that's not hilighted/selected)

Sorry, I don't know what you mean by disabling edges (that I would want to cut through), and see no option for that.

I'd use 0.98 for this, but we can't disable the other axis's.

It's much easier to animate the object with new color pattern in figure mode. Thanks Mr.Steve


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