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Current Development Release - Build 1269, February 14, 2017

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2 bugs to report.
Latest version will sometimes stop selections of things and instead move them. fast select off.

other bug is in both shell object and extrude faces (connected).
As seen in the attached picture, I expected the top model, where shell or extrude would indent the model by x units all round, however, I was given the result below where the bottom edges were slanted outward and on angled faces the shell/extrusion went on the skew. eg.

this right angle would be fine, producing
equidistant shell all round.

this however produced a downward pointing line across the top (thin left, fat right) and an equidistant line  across the bottom


realised I hadnt attached an an8 file, so ive made a new one and attached. same thing happened during this iteration.

"Join Solids" coloration/material bug in build 1233+

In the Object Editor, when I did a Join Solid operation, some components changed colors to a previous value. (I didn't notice this immediately.) When Exported to .CMOD format, the exported object had the correct colors.

When I detached some of the mis-colored components (using "select patch" followed by "c", "D" keyboard commands) , the detached components immediately reverted to their correct colors.  A subsequent "Join Solids" changed the colors back to the wrong colors, but then a subsequent Render in Anim8or drew the components which had been temporarily detached with the correct colors and those which had not been temporarily detached with the wrong colors.

Unfortunately, saving the buggy model to solids_color_bug.an8 and then opening that file in Anim8or had everything with the wrong colors set permanently (i.e. detached components had the wrong colors), so I'm not sure how to provide a failing example.

Edited to add: Aha! A render of the object in solids_color_bug.an8 still draws the previously-detached components with the "right" color, i.e. it does not render the object in the colors which are shown while in the Object Editor.

I've attached a zip containing the buggy .an8 file and these notes.

Trevor: Can you post your model prior to extruding it?  I edited the model that you posted back to how I think is was before the extrusion and then extruded that.  It worked as you had expected it to, so there's something different in my initial model.  Here's the project that you posted with the original data in the object "Original Version" and what I did (before and after extrusion) in the object called "Steve's Version".

I still have the problem...

I drew another path, extruded (cap start) split into 2 vertically, select bottom and extrude legnth 5.
I left a copy of the same model before extruding inward the skirting for you to do.


which version of an8 are you using?
Im using 1222 since the latest one crashes too often or tools stop working. not sure why tools stop working though... I left a bug report above, actually, its not very explanitory, lt me expand on the problem.
After using an8 for a few minuts, if I change to say the move tool, then points will no longer move. I can use the keyboard but not the mouse.
The only fix is to close and restart an8.
Fast select has no effect.

OK now I know what is happening.  I was confused about what part you have extruded.

When you select the bottom faces and the first row of side edges, the Extrude Faces Connected tool moves the vertices of those faces in the direction of the average of all normals for the selected faces that are touching each vertex.  For the vertices next to unselected faces, all normals are parallel to the bottom so the averaged normal is horizontal. But the vertices that share both side faces and bottom faces have averaged normals that point out at an angle, not parallel to the bottom, so they move horizontally and vertically, so they don't move in as far. The result is a wider foot.

If you make your model in the opposite order you can keep the edges at right angles like you want:
1) Build the original path at the size of the smaller base.
2) Extrude it (cap start) with two vertical segments.
3) Select the row of edges non adjacent to the base and use the Extrude Faces Connected tool to move them out. Since all these side faces have normals parallel to the base the faces will remain perpendicular.


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