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Current Development Release - Build 1269, February 14, 2017

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Sluggs: OK the fix didn't stick when I cleaned up the code. I'll fix it for real.

Oh my, and yay! 8)

 Sluggs: Give this a try ans let me know if it works:

It does, and it doesn't! ;D

If I place the point of the cursor near a point and hilight it from the right side of the point, it works, but if I hilight the point when the point of the arrow is on the left side of the point, then it doesn't! :(

But, yeah, it works; sort of! 8)

Edit: Actually Steve, it's perfect! (I had both "Vertex Select" and "Edge Select" selected under "Component" when I tried it, and when I changed it to just "Vertex Select" it worked perfectly!) < I guess that is what you meant previously when you said to disable edges!

Thank you very much for this! :)

I've found something else...

1) The "U" key is mapped to both "Subdivide Faces" and "Texture UV" so that key can't be used to subdivide faces.

2) Is the following a bug or feature?

When you select a face/face(s) in Point Edit mode, go to Object Edit mode and do Join Solids, the selected faces vanish from view as if they get deleted, but come back when you click in the work area in Point Edit mode.

Oh, BTW, there's a spelling mistake on the main page: "There are still may areas that need improvement"


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