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Hey guys, just thought I'd poke in and see who all is still around, and fill you in on my latest project.

I've happened to discover that my true calling is unfortunately not 3D, but in Traditional Animation. HOWEVER! Anim8or is still finding its way into this project!

Galacticats is an animated series I'm working on that will start out on Youtube. It's a Sci-Fi action-comedy series in a retro 80's/90's style that stars three Space Cat sisters: Galaxy, Vega, and Polaris, who are in a constant rivalry with the evil Space Dogs, constantly stopping them from wreaking havoc upon the galaxy.

The content will be entirely created by me and my team, so it can be monetized. I'm also formatting it to work on TV if I ever get "discovered" one day. I'm aiming for the episodes to be about 10-12 minutes each (30 for specials) to fit in a two-at-a-time episode slot.

I'm using Adobe Animate (Formerly Flash Pro CC) for the traditional animation, although I may move to OpenToonz if I decide I like it so I can downsize my Adobe package if I can for when I can't have the Student Discount anymore. I'm also using Photoshop for the backgrounds and many of the effects, and then Premiere to put everything together.

Here's where Anim8or comes in:
Since I can't draw a straight line worth crap, all of the ships will be in 3D and textured in cel style. Here's the cats' ship:

And since I can't really paste the SWF previews here, here are some of the animated scenes of it: (Just redid the first scene so it would exit at a better angle)

The dogs' ship is still in the design phase (and by design phase, I mean it's still not set in stone what it's going to look like at all), so I don't have a model of it. Here's the design I like the most so far:

Here's my sketch animation. Kind of like a storyboard but slightly animated. I prefer this method over storyboarding.

And finally, if you want to see absolutely everything I have so far on the project, I have everything gathered in this DeviantArt group:

Very clever, Cori!  Good luck with your pursuits!

Love your work, Cori.  Excellent concept and quality-wise it looks TV-ready to me!  I'm more of a lurker than an active member these days, projects keeping me busy, but always great to see what folks are up to.  Good luck with Galacticats :)

 Nice one Cori.  :)
Galacticats is awesome.!
 Looking very professional and proper, great looking characters, great concept and an excellent intro.
 Congrats so far to you and the team. Looks like only a matter of time b4 you'll get 'discovered'.

got to admire your gumption!  8)  i've done stuff in an episodic structure myself, but usually with episodes running around 2 minutes (max 5 or 6) rather than 11, so you've certainly got your work cut out for you... still, sounds like you've got more than one of you working on this, which i'm sure will make it much easier to achieve.

my only critique is, i think Polaris' eye colour is a bit unsettling.  i kinda see where it's coming from in terms of the sisters' R/G/B thing, but to my mind it just shouts 'this one's a baddie!' - and i'm 28, so goodness knows how it'd read to a 7-year-old :o

anyway, all the best with the project!


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