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Now that I'm finally back to work on Galacticats, I'm trying again to design the dog's ship.

There were a lot of changes I wanted to make, but unfortunately I somehow lost the original file. It was just gone. I did a search through all the files on my computer on both drives, and it was nowhere to be found. I guess it got left behind when I changed computers, and then got wiped with what was left on my laptop. I think that by rebuilding the ship model, the overall shape has improved a lot.

The idea is generally the same, but I added these opening ear flaps that reveal engines, which I really liked that my friend OrionShipworks from DeviantArt suggested:

I also changed the color. The more I looked at it, the more I wasn't fond of that rusty orange color. So the obvious answer was to take the cats' ship, and invert the colors. And it looks AWESOME. Now I have a new color scheme for the dogs' ship (minus the green). I mean yeah, it's got pink on it, but it still looks ANGRY, you know? I'll definitely be adding some embellishments to it, possibly making a Galactic Canine Empire logo. But I'll probably brighten the maroon color so it pops out a bit more from the background:

And finally, here's an animation of the "ears" opening. There are no outlines yet so it looks a bit weird, but you get the idea.

I just found yet another use for Anim8or in this project!

So there's a show on Youtube that I watch called "Scribble Kibble", where she analyzes animations and explains how they did them. This past week, she talked about an anime where they would draw the background art on top of 3D models to keep the perspective accurate and consistent, and I thought... by george that is GENIUS!!!

Perspective and geometric shapes are one of my weaknesses, which is why so far only the ships are 3D. This method takes ALL THE GUESSWORK out of it! I just make a super basic 3D model of everything that's going to be in the scene, put the camera where I want it, and draw all the parts on top of it! IT'S BRILLIANT!

Here's a few shots of the interior of the cats' ship:

By the way, work on Galacticats is about to move forward full force! With another Projects class this semester, I was worried I was going to go another several months without getting anything done. However, I had a genius idea! Why not kill two birds with one stone and animate a scene from Galacticats for my project?


So hopefully by the end of this semester (in December), I will have one fully animated and polished clip finished!

Great work on the interior, and thanks for sharing the clip about 3d/2d background.
I animate in flash and use backgrounds made with anim8or, so it was inspiring.

tbh, based on the title sequence, i'd kinda assumed you were already using this technique (or something similar) - the background geometry has been pretty consistent so far :D

I had been using perspective grids before. It worked but it was VERY tedious and made background art a lot less fun.


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