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YES! This was easily my most requested feature. It sounds like its still rusty, but any progress is a start, since we only got a taste of it before.

Edit: The sample seems to work as expected, but I too am having trouble setting up my own. Guess I need more of a tutorial.

Wow, Steve! :D
And that makes anim8or the god of 3d programs :D At least in my book.

But I really believe a controller for the root would be essential.
As can be seen in my attachment img, when you move the root control, the feet would stay fixed on the ground, until the feet controls are moved.

I find it useful that the IK controller creates frames for every bone.

Also, I believe would be great to be able to hide the bones and only show the IK controls.
     Thanks Steve. You're awesome, as always :D

Agree with daniel99

--- Quote ---...a controller for the root would be essential...when you move the root control, the feet would stay fixed on the ground, until the feet controls are moved...
--- End quote ---
No more slipping feet!!!
 Would need a similar setup to allow for hands to stay in place ?

 It's really really excellent that anim8or now has the beginning of an IK system, and it's really, really, REALLY excellent  that we will now begin to have both IK and FK systems to choose/use and mix.

--- Quote ---july 23, 2016 ... sure is a great day for the history books....
--- End quote ---
Yip, a really signiffagint day. A giant step on the way to the big V1

Absolutely awesome steve.!!! Anim8or for life

Thanks, Johnar. Btw, I've missed your characters :D
I've seen a recent post with them.

Thanks, everybody. I finally got tired of the IK not working and spent a bunch of time finding and fixing the problem(s) with the solver.  It's not perfect but at least it's functional now.

The next part is the controls for the IK tools.  I'm still working out the details but I've made a lot of progress. There will definitely be a way to lock the position and/or the angle of the end effector though I haven't worked out the details yet.

The idea is that you lock can enable and disable the lock by frame so you can lock the left foot and move the right foot to make your character take one step, then lock the right, unlock the left and step with the left foot.  The rest of the character will follow.

There's still a bunch of work to get this implemented but this is my current project. Stay tuned I'll post an update soon ...


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