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Just opened some of my projects with build 1264. The legs-wiggle is less or even completely gone. Great job, Steve.
I can't wait for the future builds.

One think I didn't quite get at first is how to try the different solvers. I thought I can select in between them. But the one used by an8 is great.

Thanks, Steve and have a great New Year, bro!

daniel99: I have the different solvers enabled in the project I attached to my previous post just to show some of the issues when run using build 1264. You need a special "Steve Only" build to see them in Anim8or (but if you're cleaver you can look at the .an8 source and figure out how to add it by editing the file :) ).

I don't think it makes sense to enable them in general. I'm still experimenting and hope to find a way to automatically use the Jacobian Inverse solver when possible because it's very fast, and use the Jacobian Transverse otherwise.

Yes, I don't think you should enable all 3 of them. Jacobian Transpose is the best one, as you said. :D


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