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july 23, 2016 ...a great day for the history books....enjoying.

Very Nice!! Thanks Steve!! :)

The example test file works fine :) but i am struggling to create my own figure with IK chain, the cross hair control is created but nothing moves.When i try to make a 2 bone ik chain the cross hair thing appears in a different place than the two bone example.

works fine for me and I had a chain of  9 (3 joints, 2 connectors and 4 "converters")

when you create it you can assign the bones in the dialog or
Click the "root" (doesnt need to be the bone named root, but could be for example the shoulder) and then right click the end (eg hand)
This should result in 2 selected bones.
Build > Create IK Chain > OK

Now when you see the crosshair and click on it you will see all the bones in the chain highlight and when you drag the crosshair it will move the final bone as close as possible to the position by rotating the previous bones.

If your bones are locked then nothing will happen.

For testing purposes make your bones free.

Also, I should mention, although the screenshot I posted should be proof enough, that bone skinning actually does work with IK.
The "Problem" is that it doesnt update untill you bring up a dialog and close it.


Yeah working as expected now :) once i changed the bone limits to -90 0 90 values rather than default no limits.


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