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Object exported to .an8 loses some textures


Sometimes when an object is exported to its own .AN8 model file, the resulting model loses some of its texture image files.

When the exported .AN8 model file is opened in Anim8or, several of its materials no longer have any textures associated with them although the original model did have those textures.

This problem is seen with Anim8or v0.98a (build 1247) and previous versions.

To reproduce this problem:
1. open the included model file reassembled_closed_book_3.an8

Note that the spine and back cover are brown.

2. export the object reassembled_book_3 to temp.an8 file

3. open temp.an8

Note that the spine and back cover are the default grey.

I've included screengrabs showing this happening on my computer.
I'm running Anim8or v0.98a (build 1247) under Windows 7.

selden: I'm looking at this now but ther are a couple of problems with "reassembled_closed_book_3.an8". It references several texture files that aren't included in the zip file.

1. The material "eg_front" references texture "front_cover_resized" which refers to the file "front_cover_resized.jpg" but the file in the .zip file is "oa_eg_resized.jpg".

2. The material "eg_spline: references testure "cover_eg_01_spine" which refers to the file "cover_eg_01_spine.jpg" but the .zip file has "cover_eg_02_spine.png"

I'll try fixing those errors and then doing an export, etc.


Those textures were in another directory tree and I didn't realize that Anim8or was still using them.

I've attached a revised zip which I think includes all the missing textures.

OK I can reproduce the problem now.  I'll fix it for the next build.

#098-089 - Exporting Objects as .an8 files doesn't export all textures.

Thanks for the bug report!



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