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Unwanted edges remaining after detaching faces...


Usually when I detach faces, some edges get left behind and I have to delete them, and sometimes, there can be a lot of edges!

(If you want to see this, just subdivide the faces of a cube, select a few, then detach them)

Can they be made to not remain? ;D

I've tried it, but it seems I don't have any edges left after detaching the selected faces. Can you show in a vid your problem ?

Well that's strange; it's not doing it now! :-[ Maybe it only does it when system resources get low? (Just been out for a walk, so the computer's been off a while)

I can't upload video's as my internet connection is weak.

If it happens again after doing something specific, I'll update this.

Also, funny how I've had this issue for a while, post about it, then it goes away! ;D

Cool then! :D If the problem reappears, you could take some screenshots.
I'm glad the problem is gone! Anim8or rullz! :D


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