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Anim8or continuing to use CPU after "exiting"

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Recently I've noticed a copy of Anim8or continuing to run, saturating a core, after I've closed Anim8or's design window. The design window has closed and Anim8or's icon has disappeared from the taskbar. I've had to use the task manager's "end process tree" command to get rid of the rogue process. Anim8or's model file seems to have been output properly, so I'm not at all sure what it's trying to do.

I've only been using the Object editor, none of the other design windows, and it only happens some of the time.

This happens with Anim8or build 1247 running under a fully patched Windows 7.

How can I find out where it's looping?

I've also noticed that occasionally few months ago, that seems to be a bug. Just force close it within the task manager in process list.

It's not that I can't stop it manually, but that it's a bug that it would be nice that Steve could fix. If I can report the program counter where it's looping, that might help him to fix it.

One of the problems it causes is that if it's not noticed right away (and I usually don't) then when running on a laptop computer, the resulting high cpu load can run down the battery quickly. Sometimes after a long day of modeling, I've even discovered several copies of Anim8or running like that.

Windows might be keeping Anim8or running as a background process to allow a quick restart.
Try alt + F4 instead and see if it closes app completly.
Should work on all Win OS.

selden: Thanks for the report. I'll keep an eye out for it so I can catch it under the debugger if it happens. But it might help to know your system specs, especially what graphics card you're using.


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