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Bug: Drag-select doesn't select all meshes

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Running Anim8or v0.98b, build 1253, in the Object Edit mode, the "select multiple" tool doesn't select all of the meshes that it should.

This bug has been present for quite a few builds.

This bug can be demonstrated using the enclosed .an8 file (in the .zip) and is illustrated
in the enclosed screengrabs.

Instructions to duplicate this bug:

In the Object editor, drag select so that all of the individual meshes
are outlined. Release the mouse button. Only a few of the meshes
are highlighted and selected. They all should be selected.

This isn't a big deal when only a few meshes need to be selected, but it
is quite painful when most, but not all, of a large number of objects
need to be selected.


Interesting.  It selects everything in Flat Shaded or Solid Shaded mode, but not in Wireframe.  I'll look into it.


I like to use wirefreame mode to decide if I'm using the right viewpoint direction to avoid selecting unwanted objects.

Okay, I resolved the font issue with an earlier build of 98 (2014). The white box issue remained. I'm going to regroup and dig into this a bit more.

Thanks for the input everyone.


This is fixed for the next build:
#098-093 - Drag-select doesn't select all Shapes in wireframe mode.


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