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Import sequences bug in 1255


 Anim8or 'stops working' when trying to import a sequence. Build 1255.
 I tested against 1253 and sequence import working properly there.

Makes no difference if importing the figure with the sequence or not.  8)

EDIT. New test.  Exported sequence and figure from build 1255.
 That sequence and figure Imported properly in 1253.
Stopped working when trying to import into 1255.

#098-095 - Importing a sequence crashes.

Fixed for the next drop.

That's excellent. Sequences can be so very usefull and time saving.
 Hands are a brilliant example. All types of hand poses can be saved as 2 frame sequences, and added at any time during a scene, without disrupting the rest of the animation, if you only key the hand bones and no others.
 .....makes me feel like updating my 'hand seq' folder with some new poses...... ::)
 Thanks steve. Awesome.  :)

With version 1.0 out are the other versions like 1255 still in progress?


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