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Text Convert to Spline issue and Spline Fill issue v1253

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Hi All,

I do not see this issue previously mentioned, please advise and I will delete this post if covered elsewhere on forum.

Using build 1253 in a new Anim8or project, creating a closed spline shape, which does not cross itself, and using the BUILD/FILL command: it seems I do not have a fill result but a white square with no spine and no filled object to be seen in any viewport.

Likewise, creating a word using the text tool, the option to CONVERT TO SPLINE is grayed out and not selectable. I tried several other fonts to be certain and downloaded a specific TTF font to no avail.

I am curious if the two issues are related? Thanks for any insight into this.

Asus Laptop - Intel Core i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz - Windows 10, 64bit, autoupdated - 16GbRAM - GeForce GTX 960M autoupdated drivers - Generic PnP Monitor on Intel HD Graphics 4600 - DELL U2715H Intel HD Graphics 4600, Current Resolution 2560x1440 pixels

You'll have to provide an example of a spline which doesn't fill properly: it works fine for me. Attach the example .an8 file to your post.

You can't select "convert to spline" when using the text tool because the letters created by the text tool already are splines.

There is a limit of 500 points when filling a spline. There are normally 9 added points between each pair of knots that you add. So if there are more than 50 knots in a spline it would usually have more than 500 points and therefore wouldn't fill. There should be an error message when this happens but it looks like it isn't being displayed.

Hi Selden, Steve. No complex shapes - I drew some simple splines, a square, a shape with about 10 knots, very simple spline shapes each resulted in a blank white square. Regarding the text issue, the Anim8or manual suggests text needs to be converted to a spline:

"Since text items are actually a group of (possibly) complex splines, text can also be combined with splines and filled. First select the text and convert it to splines with the Build→Convert-to-Spline command. Then ungroup the string of characters with Build→Ungroup. Finally select the spline along with all of the individual characters and combine them into a single multiple spline with Build→Join-Splines. Then fill the result:"

Thanks for the input, I believe I might be having a video card driver issue here.


Yes, you are correct. But the manual is for the last "official" release, v0.98. There are quite a number of changes that have been made for build 1253, including being able to fill text in one step. These new builds also result in a smoother result for rounded characters - v0.98 can turn these edges into straight lines. But the rounded edges can have many more points in them so the max limit of 500 points is easier to reach.

I'll look into eliminating, if not at least increasing this limit. Unfortunately the algorithm I use for filling is O(n^2) worst case in the number points so very large point sets can take a long time to run.

Note: The problem is not with your graphics card or computer, but with my coding :) 


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