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Hey again y'all! Before I actually go and make a more dedicated series of tutorials, I felt it would be better to warm up making tutorial style videos. So I created this tutorial on a specific technique I use when 3D modeling. Let me know how I did ^_^

My main priority when making tutorials is to not waist my viewers time, so I aim to make my videos no more than 6 minutes long so that they can just cover the material of the specific point. If the viewer should need to take a moment, I am under the impression that it is up to them to pause the video, or scrub to the previous relevant point.


Just tell me what you think! Should I lean to a more expressive reading of my lines? Or would you rather I go for a more monotone and clear reading?

You talk pretty fast and need to pause longer between statements...thats to my western ear, i have only listened to a minute or two so far but that's my first impression.  :)

For me too, the pace was too fast.

I wonder if there is too much content for a 6 minute tutorial clip?

I saw the tutorial covering two subject areas – (1) use of “transition strips” and (2) how to use anim8or to create a transition strip (just the way I break things down in my head).  If you are teaching use of transition strips I think you should provide more examples of how these can be used in scenes and less detail on how to use anim8or – a tutorial aimed at artistic technique.   If you are teaching how to use anim8or, then more detail is needed on which tools you are using, what the tools do and what the affect of each one is.

Since I am familiar with the anim8or tools, I learnt about transition strips.  But I think there is one key part that is missing – You only see the grass in the scene, part of the transition strip is transparent and the whole technique relies on the transparency.  I think you should include a bit more on the material.

The video & audio presentation was really good and I learnt something :)

i'll second the point about pacing.

also, was that you talking, or a computer?  there were some moments when i thought the voiceover had a strange synthetic sound to it... although i guess the same effect could have come from your mic or from post-processing the sound.

@thecolclough, That's my voice, but I have a below average breathing capacity and don't own a proper mic.

@AlecJames , good call, that didn't even occur to me. I'll probably revisit this in another video to make more sense on that!

Welp 3 is enough to call it a pattern.

If I may ask what kind of pauses would you like?

I didn't think to pause, because this style of tutorial is under the impression that the viewer is not to be watching it simultaneously while trying to achieve the effect, but would pause the video themselves when needed, and feel free to re-watch any parts of the video they needed to.


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