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problems and traceinit....

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 I can't do pretty well anything in scene mode in builds 1261, 1263 and now 1264.  :'(
 As soon as i try anything, like arc rotate, moving a figures bone, and so on, anim8or stops working and i have to close the program.
 Could traceinit help to find the problem, and if so, can someone please tell me how to make a traceinit log file?

 All works fine on other previous versions, and if i boot up Windows XP on this same windows 7 pc, it also works ok, but very slowly.
 Any help appreciated.

System Info:
 OpenGL Renderer: GeForce 8600 GT/PCIe/SSE2
 OpenGL Version: 3.3.0
 OS Version Windows 7 (6.1) build 7600

Unfortunately I don't think traceinit will help here.

traceinit only helps when Anim8or is first starting. You run it from the command line window (C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe) like this:

C:\Users\Steve anim8or.exe -traceinit

It will print out a bunch of messages showing what Anim8or does during initialization, and a few characteristics of your computer.

What you can do that might help me find the problem:

1. Run Anim8or without opening a project. Turn off "Start in Previous" in the File->Configuration menu is it's on.

2. Change to Scene mode. Does it freeze?
3. If the Graph Editor is enabled, try turning it off. You probably need to do this in the Windows Registry. You can use C:\Windows\System32\regedt32.exe to edit it. First close Anim8or. Then change to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Silicon Valley Software\Anim8or and double click on GUI.ShowGraphEditor ans set the value to 0. Now try running Anim8or again and see if it crashes.

4. Try not floating the Time Track. Again using regdt32.exe set the value of GUI.FloatTimeTrack to zero and run Anim8or

5. Can you use Arc Rotate in editors other than the Scene editor? Or rotate bones in the Figure Editor, or Sequence Editor?

While you're trying some of these things, I'll add some more printout to -traceinit to help find where it's freezing.

Sorry about the problems you're having!

johnar: I think I found the problem. I made a change to build 1261 that was supposed to help redraw the floating time track/graph editor window when you are playing an animation. It wasn't updating when the CPU is too busy. There appears to be a race condition that has two draw calls running at the came time, so some data structures can have invalid values. This causes exceptions on my computer, too, I can see them in the debugger, but somehow they don't cause an exception. My only guess is that the NVIDIA driver is catching it and trying to prevent the app from crashing (those whacky NVIDIA engineers :) ).

I'll fix it and post an update.

#098-099 - Anim8or freezes/crashes when using arc-rotate in the Scene editor starting with 1261.

johnar: Give this build a try: build 1265 dated January 4, 2017. I hope it fixes the crashes that you are experiencing with builds 1261-1264.


 Thank you steve
 Thats fixed it!!!
 I was going through the steps you asked me to do, and was just about to post the good news that changing the value of GUI.FloatTimeTrack from '(1)' to '(0)' fixed everything.
 Then i saw your last post, downloaded 1265 just now, gave it whirl, and she's all good as gold again.
 Thanks Heaps steve
 Awesome. Excellent. Cheers.


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