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Movie Render crashes

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To close this out, for what ever reason, when I uninstalled on old cineform codec, things smoothed out.

Sorry and thanks.

Thanks, dancingshoes. It's good to know that can be a problem.

Belated update.

My crashes now seem(?) related to going in and out of sleep and hibernation modes while using a solid state drive with TRIM enabled.

Files were being corrupted.

I've turned TRIM off for the last several weeks w/o problems with hopes this is the answer.

Thanks for letting me know. These kinds of bug are difficult to find without being able to debug on the computer that has the problem.

I had similar problem with crashes during rendering in video format, solved it by rendering scene in pictures, then I join those pictures into a video with some other program.
No mater how long is the scene it renders every time at the first attempt, never had those crushes since that.


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