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Hidden objects get DELETED


I was working on a sort of CAD-project in Anim8or. Went to test a render in Object mode with hidden objects, only to find that I COULDN'T get the hidden objects back!! What can I do? Is this an ongoing bug that hasn't been found yet? more importantly, if there a fix??

Did you try the Edit->ShowAll command (short cut H)? If you exit Anim8or and run it again are the hidden objects still gone? What version of Anim8or are you using?

You aren't supposed to be able to delete hidden objects. If you can then this is a bug and I'd appreciate it if you let me know how to reproduce it.

Exactly what I did:
1) Had a object full of meshes. Hid some of them
2)  Went to render, and rendered
3) Went back to the object, but the unhide option isn't there! It's greyed out!

I was in 1247...
Hopefully that doesn't mean it's gone forever! If it is, I'll just have to say too bad, as I've made diagrams in PowerPoint alongside the Anim8or versions, but it was really nice to see how things would look in a 3d space.

Try reloading your project.

I still couldn't do it reloading in either the same, or different version, unfortunately :( This has *actually* been a small problem for me in the past with older builds, but this time I happened to save when everything was hidden, before I went to render, so it somehow ended up deleted.

I ended up just modeling everything one more time. Is was a little rough 'n' dirty, but the measurements were easy and I actually was able to make some slight cosmetic improvements.

Again, Steve:
THANKS for fantastic software!


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