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First shot a realistic human head

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So to get myself started back at 3d modelling in Anim8or (after a LONG 2yr hiatus), I decided to give a crack att a realistic-ish human face model - just lettin' the tides flow in the direction they'll go. Here's my progress thus far.

I'll accept gladly comments and criticisms - just know that I'm not quite good enough to be able to do everything yet!!

the only two points i'd nitpick are: 1) the irises should probably be just a tad bigger, and 2) that ridge up the middle looks funny (guessing that's just a work-in-progress thing you haven't got round to cleaning up yet?)

but the general shape looks really good =]

That's convenient, thecolclough - the ridge in the middle was just because I was being a bit lazy and wanted to get a first render out there ASAP :D
I've modelled new eyes which use a textured iris-layer with geometry under a ray-bent 'glassy refractor' shaped like the cornea.
The method doesn't look SUPER realistic yet, but I think it's getting there.

New render below:

I come bearing gifts!

I've been thinking about using this guy (or a modified version of him) as my evil emperor in a remake of a REALLY old Anim8or short I made about 7 years ago back in 6th grade.

Thanks to Raxx for his awesome PHUR plugin. I'll need to go through and redo the eyelashes and brows for more realism, but this is great just to see how it looks in the preliminary stages.

I made this head modelling timelapse as a feature evaluation demo for the topo knife. It might help a little.


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