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Layers and groups don't cooperate


Sorry for all the recent topics! Forum's been really quiet in the late, though.

I'm continuing on my CAD project, but it seems that an object that is a gruop nof lesser objects DOESN'T show up if it's layer is activated alone. It only shows if lower layers are visible/activated.
For example, if I have a group on layer 2, the group WON'T show unless layer 0 is on.
Not sure if that's an intended function or an error. ::)

i seem to remember there was some unintended functionality (/bug?) where, if a group was assigned to one layer but its member elements were assigned to another, then both layers had to be activated to make the elements visible.  there's a thread about it somewhere in the depths of the forum iirc.  in your case, it sounds like the group is on 2 but the member elements are still on 0; might be worth ungrouping the group and checking which layer the elements are on.


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