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Last Hours Of Jack - game using anim8or

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Hey guys!
Again! another game from codevik... well, now we are called Pastanaga Sideral :)
It's on Steam greenlight, not sure if I'm going to make it before it gets shutdown, but anyway... It will come one way or another!

All the ingame models and animations have been made using anim8or (except for the cover, a friend made it using another software)
Hope you like it!
PS: Not asking for a vote, just want to show you guys my work and say thanks to all the anim8r community AGAIN!!

Very cool. Anim8or is pretty amazing.

Looks great!! What's the texturing and coding done in?

Texturing, some with photoshop, some with (depending on the complexity of the texture).
Coding c++

I saw the video, it's a good job, good


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