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Red Man


Hi guys; this is the first 3D animation I have made, and I thought I would share it since I just found out that this site has a forum =]

I never used animation software before so I was surprised at how this was not very hard to use...


Tell me what you think - I am working on the sequel to it now

thanks for looking

t. Ika

Good first video

Quite good for a first one!

If you're looking for any tips.... The main thing many (dare I say, most) Anim8or users seems to struggle with is timing. Your animation feels a little bit slooooow like molasses. One thing I've done to try to remedy this is to use a stop watch - time how fast you want the motion to be using objects in real space as dummies - then use that to set up your timing for keyframes and stuff.

Again - Nice for a start!

 Hi ika,  :)
 Not bad for a first clip, tho rather slow. (as davdud said).
 Would've been more entertaining if fitted into a 60 second timeframe, rather than 6 minutes.
  Practice and experience will spruce up the actual content of your animations, but most importantly for now would be to tackle the 'timing' thing.
 Not sure if you're using 24 or 30 (?) frames per second, (both ok, i prefer 24). So, if you don't use a watch you can just count out approximate seconds of time for each movement/take.
 This can be done by simply imagining what will happen. IE: redman jumps from top of building. 1 second to bend at knees and prepare for jump, 1 second to jump high point, (jumping 'up and off', before falling to ground, and maybe 3 seconds to fall to ground. (if that seems how long it would take, depending on building height)
 So thats 5 seconds altogether. So that whole part would tak: 5secs @ 24fps =5x24 = 120 frames.
 (150 frames if animating at 30fps)
 Render it out and tweak timing after watching the clip. (or part of the clip).
 Once the timing is more realistic, the whole video becomes more easilly watchable.
 (as davdud said,  a common issue when first starting out in animation, not just Anim8or, is getting the timing right, and not dragging things out to a 'frustratingly' slow pace.  ;)

Thanks for the feedback guys, I appreciate it  :D
I should be done with the sequel to this in a few days so I will post it in this thread to show you how Ive come along now that I know how to use the program a little better ( two weeks ago I tried to ray-trace for 12 hours because I didnt see the "multithreaded" option....  :'( )

I have 5 minutes of footage at the moment but... the animation is a lot more quick, so I think it has more content in it


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