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strange graphics glitch



I've not used Anim8or for a few months as I've been busy with other things.

However I decided to do more work on some of the characters for my game, and have been stumped by a range glitch in the graphics.
When in the figure and animation screens, many of the meshes are rendered in strips instead of as a continuous shaded graphic.
If I switch bones off the image renders fine, its just when there are bones to be shown that this strange glitch occurs.
It is also fine when painting bone weights by the way.

At first I wondered if it was because my Parallels software was out of date (I run windows 7 under Parrallels, which has never caused any problems before), but having just updated Parallels the problem still persists.

I have attached screenshots to show what I mean.

I hope someone can come up with a solution to this, because it is making it difficult to do animations accurately or to align object around bones.

I'm almost certain that this is a Parallels issue, especially because your model renders properly when bones are turned off. Anim8or doesn't partition renders horizontally like that, but sends the geometry directly to the hardware.

BTW nice model.


I had a horrible feeling it might be parallels causing the problem.
Which is a huge disappointment as it has always worked fine in the past, and Anim8or has always been my 3d modeller of choice..

Might have to buy a cheap 2nd hand laptop for Anim8or, which OS would be best, XP or Windows 7?

Both XP and Windows 7 should work fine. Anim8or doesn't use anything specific to Windows 7. But you should check for an update to Parallels, or check in their forum to see if anyone else has this kind of issue.

I'll certainly check their forums, but I only upgraded to version 12 two days ago, so parallels is totally up to date.
I can use boot camp, but its such a huge hassle switching between windows and OS X that way.

If there is an answer i'll let you know for future reference :-)


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