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Anim8or v1.0 Beta is available

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The third beta release of version 1.0 is now available here with many new features including updated user interface, new modeling tools, and inverse kinematics to speed up animation. Read more about it here v1.0 Beta and download your own copy.

Notes for v1.0 beta 3, dated May 6, 2017:

User views: user views and now global to each project.
New Option: to not select connecting points/edges/faces when changing P/F/E selector. See the File->ConfigureUI dialog.
Trackball: Update active trackball when a bone is clicked on in the track editor or the graph editor.
Fix #100-002: Creating a new Object when in a user view crashes.
Fix #100-003: Importing a Sequence that doesn't have a Figure crashes.
Fix #100-004: User Views can't be changes with Arc Rotate, Mouse Scroll, etc.
Fix #100-005: Texture UV tool is broken in point-edit mode.
Fix #100-006: Renaming a bone causes a crash when adding figure to a scene.

Notes for v1.0 beta 2, dated April 15, 2017:

CAD notations: shows more data about splines, including all selected points. coordinates and selected segments' lengths. This is similar to the debugA=1 hack (for those that are familiar with this.)
Hot Key Changes: Ctrl+N for File->New, Ctrl+O for File->Open, Ctrl-S for File->Save, and Ctrl+Shift+S for File->SaveAll. Smooth shading was changed to Ctrl+U.
Alignment widget: fix general issues with the alignment tool (i.e. the little arrow on the edg of the screen when CAD notations is enabled).
Fix #100-001: Bad Values in Movie Image Properties dialog for the frame rate or aspect ratio cause dialog problems.
FastAA Option: Added a now option for faster AA rendering in the ray tracer. It samples a few points in a pixel and one in each neighboring pixel and decides it it needs to keep sampling or just use what it already has. Check the "FastAA" box in the Render->AA Setup dialog to enable this. Anim8or uses the depth, normal, material, color, etc. of each sample to do this.
Save Art AA Settings to registry: These are saved so you don't have to reapply settings whenever you reload a project.
Fix bug in ArtFresnelReflactor::Sample_f(): that could return negative colors. This fix also speeds up dielectric material rendering be skipping rays with  a very small or even negative weight.
New Scene Attribute: Set the integer attribute to ShowFastA to 1 and you can see which pixels Anim8or was able to accelerate. For an NxN AA setting, the resulting image is BLACK when N sampels are used, ORANGE when 2*N samples are used, and violet, cyan or white for those that use all N*N samples. See the attached image for an example.

I nearly missed this because it wasn't in the development category.

Any new things from 1269?


I fixed a lot of small issues and inconsistencies but nothing major. For example:

* IK hot keys were inconsistent. Now they all use an upper case "I" to toggle the display and a lower case "i" to switch to the IK tool.
* Converting Text to splines had become disabled in the main Object editor.
* Changing values for HSV colors didn't work when they were shown in hex.
* A few obscure crashes for extreme cases (i.e. polygons with 2 vertices, which shouldn't happen to begin with but apparently does somehow.)

and some more things like that.

Thanks Steve, you've been busy :)

I think congratulations are in order, Steve!  :)


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