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Anim8or v1.0 Beta is available

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Agreed, congrats Steve!  I have to admit, seeing "v1.0" in the thread title gave me chills!  Looking forward to checking this out.

I get this box running the v1.0 beta. win 10
doesn't happen and never has with any other version. :o
not a major problem but something new is happening to cause it.

Do you plan to have a v1.0 beta bug report forum?

I have two to report, one minor and one major, which I'll put in the  Anim8or v0.98 Discussion Forum

captaindrewi: It all depends on the security settings on your computer. Try clicking "Run anyway" and the see if it asks again when you try to run it a second time. Do you remember if it asked about previous versions of Anim8or when you first ran them?

selden: Thanks, I just added a forum for v1.0.

It asked me too, never did with previous builds.

Windows Defender uploaded the file to MS but clicking Run Anyway works and it doesn't bother again.

Hopefully this will be fixed on MS end.



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