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Challenge #34: Anim8or 1.0 splash screen

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--- Quote from: danielstritt on April 15, 2017, 12:34:18 am ---This might be off topic a bit, but how old is the original splash screen? I don't ever remember seeing another, and I've been using anim8or for ever.
--- End quote ---
it's had a few minor revisions (adding ART materials, for example), but the basic design hasn't changed since I started using An8 in 2002, so it's got at least 15 years of use behind it!

Haha, so excited! It's been a month or two since I sat down and had a serious modeling session in Anim8or. I need to go through my previous stuff and find my strengths so I can play them up....

Btw, Steve, will this include a new logo design?
And are we allowed to do any amount of post processing in GIMP/PS as far as text, lighting effects, lens effects etc.?

Sounds like fun!  It's been ages since I've worked something up entirely in Anim8or.  I'll be sticking to my usual genre of science fiction of course, should be a nice variety of submissions :)

Question, could I do a full composition? Like rendering a full outdoor environment? Or do I have to stick with more basic single color background with maybe a chess board?

You can do anything you like. It should highlight things that Anim8or can do, what you think Anim8or does that's fun or useful.


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