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Adding and then undoing edges deletes attached edges


Steve, I was gumming around this morning and found that when I'm in Point Editing mode, if I do the following:
1) click on a  point
2) click the "add edge" tool and try to add an edge (which, btw is SUPER tough to use, am I doing it wrong? It never locks to my mouse position, which is why I always undo it)
3) hit the "Undo" button,
one of the edges on the model that the point was attached to will be erased even though it was only an undo command.


You should be using the topoknife instead. (But I'm not saying the bug doesn't need to be fixed.)

The Add Edge tool, by default, tries to connect one point with another point on the same mesh. So if you are anywhere near another point it will snap the end of the new edge to that point. If both the starting and ending points are on the same face it will be split into two faces.

If you want to add an edge where your mouse is pointing, hold down the Shift key and it won't snap but will add a new point and the new edge to that point.

Note: the Vertex Selection (hot key v needs to be enabled or you can't select any vertices.

davdud01 is right about the new topoknife tool. It's really useful for things like this so check it out!

I can't reproduce the deleted point problem that you mentioned. Can you give me more details?


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