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Red Man and the Asbestos Tree

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I made a new "red man" video:

What do you guys think?

i must admit i struggled to follow the plot, because a lot of the dialogue is so distorted that i couldn't make out what was being said :(  which is a pity, because the title is intriguing and i was looking forward to finding out what the deal is with the 'asbestos tree'.

i spotted a few z-depth cutoff errors here and there; it's worth keeping an eye out for those when you're animating, and they can usually be fixed/avoided either by careful camerawork, and/or by going into the environment properties and changing the near z-depth limit to a much smaller number.

I didn't explain the plot very well... red man likes trees a lot, and he is looking for the asbestos tree, since when he goes to the shop the asbestos tree is introduced, and he goes to find it in the tunnel, but then he gets stopped by the spiders, so he doesn't find them. Then he has to scare them off somehow... Its intentionally vague and the ending is a reference to when my friend did "the worm" once and it looked funny.  :P

In the part where he grows big, this is a reference to red man 2, where he also grows big off camera after seeing a future version of himself. So red man can grow into a giant.

Really i'm glad for this reply, since everyone else wrote "haha I was so high when I watched this LOL". I was reminded of other animations that don't really tell you anything so its all a guess what the concrete basis of the story is, because I like watching those.

I hope that I can resolve it with the next one  :D

It's certainly a unique specimen, that Red Man. Very surreal stuff in general.

Main issues I had with the film were that the audio got INCREDIBLY distorted towards the end, to nearly unlistenable levels! That and things generally felt like they were moving veeeeerrrryy slooooooowly. This has been discussed quite a bit both on this forum and other places for animation around the net, definitely worth looking into if you're looking to improve your animations aesthetically.

Keep truckin'!

I'm interested, where else does red man get discussed?

I only post these on a small amount of places, so I might not know.


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