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IK in additional cameras

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 Hi steve. Have just discovered that Animating a figure with IK is unresponsive in extra camera views. (camera 2, Camera 3 etc...) (not sure if you already know that)
 Sorry i've been a bit tied up lately, but winter is arriving now, here in nz, so looking forward to spending some cozy nights at home with anim8or.
 ... i'll keep reporting in more often from now on....
...and froyd's itching to get mobile again


Thanks, I'll look into it.

This may be related:,5384.msg40586.html#msg40586

johnar: IK works for me in a secondary camera's view and in a light's view. Forward K works, too. Do you have more details on hot to reproduce this?

PS keep those gala apples coming from NZ. I eatone every day, either that or a royal gala - I can't tell the difference myself!

Sorry steve. (and nemyax)  Looks like i may have posted too soon.
 I see now the problem i was having was a mixture of a couple of things.
 I had froyd scaled down to about a tenth of normal froyd size, without realising it, and between that and a rather awkward camera (2) position, i just wasn't getting a good connection/view of the 'smaller' IK 'orange ball thing'. (ie: would get irrational/difficult movement in his arm.)
 I think a fault of my own, rather than an anin8or problem. Sorry about the 'dud bug' report.

 If you scale down a figure to 'very small', (in scene mode), and try IK from 'an odd-ish angle', you'll probably see more what i'm talking about.
 But anyway, False report i think, sorry about that. My bad.

 Royal gala/gala apples: not a particularly great season for apples this year, but mostly grown for export, so more likely to be a shortage here before you guys notice anything. And so far, at this time of year, it's still 'apples' apples everywhere'.
You should be ok for some time yet.


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