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Just started applying materials to one of my models using V1.0Beta2  But cannot get it to work, however  V1.0 Beta 1 Does. Bug?? ;) 

well, it's not a universal problem with 1.0 b2; i've built my splashscreen design entirely in 1.0 b2 and material application has been working fine both for whole elements and for separate mesh faces in point-edit mode

edit... sorry, posted too soon there.  just double-checked; turns out i can do texture UVs for whole elements, and i can change materials for individual faces, but UV application isn't working on individual faces

Trying to Find a reason for it not playing ball in Beta 2 .... Select Faces Click on The Texture to be applied .... usually I get a requester up then the Scale tool with Planar ,Tube, or Spherical application ----- Not with this UV tool!!!

 Icon just switches its self off, and leaves an Unscaled texture annoyingly, so switching back to V1.0 Beta 1 which does work.

Just as a side note, I keep getting random Glitches for no apparent reason, Faces and edges just appear,  then if I do an undo they go away.

Windows 10
AMD A10 - 8750 Radeon  R7 12 Compute cores 4C +8G
8Gb ram

I'll look into this and get back to you.

Working in a fix now.

#100-005 - Texture UV tool is broken in point-edit mode.


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