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Weighting tool suggestion


A tool to select the vertices, expand or subtract from the selection, select a bone, and apply a weight value directly. Or being able to select a set of vertices and have the weight paint brush only affect the selection

What this solves: Problems painting weights on overlapping or very close/dense areas of a model.

This would be fine for lower poly stuff, but higher poly might need a more elegant solution. One things for sure though, anim8or could really use better rigging tools.

time ago i post something like this.
yes very usefull


--- Quote from: kreator on September 18, 2010, 08:22:27 am ---You seem to be having Fun!!...... its not easy to weight paint anything in Anim8or, but gives you a good grounding when you migrate to other programs ie: ( Carrara.... weight painting uses 3d brush and is semi automatic when you add a sketeton so there is minimal painting!!)
But here`s some little tips that I use:
1:find a bone that does not have any movement then paint the whole model with that colour, then start on each individual joint.

2: also try using wireframe mode when doing intricate stuff you can see what missed and what needs painting

3: uncheck your skeleton during your painting process to see where you have overpainted.

Hope this helps. did you get to see the video ??

--- End quote ---


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