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Movie Mode Crashes

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Scanline and ART movie modes crash Anim8or V.1.0 Beta 1 & 2 after the first frame render. OpenGL though, works perfectly for the 71 frames that I tested.

Can you give me some more details, such as image size, AA, what codec you are using, etc.?

Hi Steve using ART renderer , AntiAliasing 16 samples regular, Movie ,jpg @90 750 x 450 all frames Xvid codec...Crash. :(

Will not work in any other mode apart from OpenGL which renders out all the frames.

Are you trying to render a simple scene or a complex one? Can you try smaller image, different codes, not using AA, etc. to see if anything else works?  Also what OS? are you using

TBH it is a Complex scene and I expect Anim8or cannot cope with the additional moving object ( Using the splash screen project) I tried another project I had and it rendered OK


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