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Object Folders - Parent Folder needs an indicator as well.

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In earlier versions, the current object window has always been indicated by a "tick mark".
Now that we have the ability to organize object windows into folders, on re-opening a saved project, it can sometimes be a little difficult (when there's a large number of objects and folders) to locate the folder in which the current object window resides.

Perhaps a tick could be maintained on the parent folder of the current object as well as the object itself.

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I should be able to add this to v1.0

Thanks Steve!

... but don't do it if there's any chance of breaking something else as this is a very trivial issue after all.
(It would be a great shame to break v1 for the sake of a tick mark!  :'( )

Hey, there's always a chance of breaking something! You could be hit by a meteorite at any time, without any advance warning. But what are you going to do, hide in a cave your whole life???

hm... i'm pretty sure that's the first time i've seen a software development strategy explained using caves and meteorites :o


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