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Object Folders - Parent Folder needs an indicator as well.

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In my very best David Attenborough voice....

"This is a rare treat indeed. It's very unusual for the lesser spotted software developer to venture this far from the cave entrance (except to top up on his staple diet of coffee and energy drinks). It's an even more rare event for him to engage in actual conversation with humans, let alone about strategy ... unless it's the Strategy Pattern of course."


--- Quote from: chuft-captain on May 25, 2017, 04:23:58 pm ---In my very best David Attenborough voice....

--- End quote ---

LOL!  I can see and hear the documentary now, "David Attenborough's 'Wild Software'..."

This has been implemented and is looking good. Thanks Steve for slipping this into the release at the last moment.

It was fairly isolated code so the only think it was likely to break was itself :)


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