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Object Folders - Some sort of bulk re-organisation functionality needed.


Great that we now have the ability to organize objects into folders, however, in projects which have a lot of objects (eg 100+) it can be very tedious and time-consuming to create (or re-organize) those folders because each object must be visited individually, and a dialog opened, etc...  in order to change it's folder.

Some way of bulk-selecting objects (and maybe drag and drop functionality) to be moved into a specific folder would make life a lot easier in this respect.

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One extra comment:
The ability to re-locate multiple objects at once would be of most help when re-organizing existing 0.98 / 0.95 projects, however for new v.1 projects most of the overhead associated with organizing object folders would be mitigated if new and imported objects were to be initially located by default in the same folder as the current object ... which in most cases would probably be the appropriate location for it to stay (in the way that I work anyway --- YMMV).

Currently, new and imported objects are created at the root level (which means they almost always have to be re-located at some point).


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