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A description of the line colors in Wireframe view


Regards selected models in "Object/Edit" mode. I've checked the Manual, I could not find a description for turquoise lines. I have a model optimized in Meshlab (poly reduced), upon investigating it in Anim8or I see three different colors while the original model shows only green lines. (My main motivation is trying to trace a physics bug in Unreal Engine 4 -- the orig. model stands upright, the optimized one tips over and spins on the ground).

Any insight is appreciated. :)

Good point. I'll add something to the manual about this.

In Object/Edit mode the:

Turquoise (cyan) lines in a mesh are those that have two faces and will be shaded as a crease. The solid angle between the faces is greater than the Smooth Angle of the mesh.
White edges are shaded as smooth, and have a solid angle of less than the Smooth Angle.
Green edges have only one face.
Red edges have no faces.


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